Mission Statement

Harvest House is a 501c3 non-profit organization was founded to respond to the heartbreaking epidemic of child sex trafficking, more commonly known as the Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC) in 2010. Harvest House was born as an initiative to fight child sex trafficking in Southeast Texas and to provide aid, advocacy, and mentoring to victims. Since its inception, Harvest House has worked with many CSEC victims, ensuring that they received the best possible care and services. Harvest House child care advocates have participated in numerous interventions, reaching out to children who have been victimized and providing support to both the child and the family. The ministry has also been instrumental in raising awareness about child sex trafficking in Southeast Texas through countless speaking engagements, public appearances, and news interviews. Harvest House has also been key in creating effective collaboration among local services and organizations, such as law enforcement, social services, forensic medicine, and mental health facilities. These efforts have been a stepping stone in helping to create STAAT, the Southeast Texas Alliance Against Trafficking, a Multidisciplinary Team responsible for responding in a comprehensive way to child sex trafficking victims.

Our function is preventing trafficking through education, giving victims a voice through advocacy, and building a foundation of trust for long-term support through mentoring. Harvest House provides these services with one goal: to establish trust-based relationships with children who have been traumatized and devalued by traffickers. Because restoring lives requires relationship, and through relationship, these victims can become victors.

“For He will deliver the needy when he cries for help, The afflicted also, and him who has no helper.

He will have compassion on the poor and needy, And the lives of the needy He will save.

He will rescue their lives from oppression and violence, And their blood will be precious in His sight.”

Psalm 72:12-14