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Every survivor deserves a chance at a brighter future. Become a monthly donor and together we can make a lasting impact. 

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This represents the cost of groceries for a survivor of child sex trafficking.

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Restore, Rebuild, Reclaim!
Together, we can build a healing space for survivors.

Harvest House is renovating a home to become the first short-term confidential Drop-In Center for survivors of child sex trafficking in Southeast Texas.

This safe home will be available as a needed short-term resting place for survivors recovered from trafficking. Assured of their safety, youth can sleep, eat, and unwind as our staff helps facilitate their next steps. Our hope is for this space to become a dedicated area that is calm and peaceful, which is essential for children with a history of severe trauma.

Give today and help make a difference in the lives of local survivors!

Volunteer Program Donations

Donate to our Volunteer Program to help purchase items needed for Harvest House.